Stringent Measures for Issuing Civil IDs to Expat Bachelors

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 20:  The Public Authority for Civil Information has recently implemented stricter procedures for issuing or renewing civil cards for single expatriates (Bachelors). This involves thorough verification of rental contracts, including scrutinizing the owner’s signature. The authority has also collaborated with a committee to address the issue of unmarried individuals residing in private and residential areas, cross-referencing their civil cards to ensure accuracy in the reported location.

Khaled Al-Shammari, the official spokesperson for the Public Authority for Civil Information, emphasized that the address list maintained by the authority explicitly prohibits the registration of bachelors in private housing. Automated procedures and systems are in place to enforce this restriction.

Al-Shammari highlighted the authority’s active involvement in a government committee dedicated to combating and preventing the habitation of bachelors residing in conventional areas. The committee receives complaints and conducts on-site verifications to identify any violations.

Since 2021, the Authority has introduced an expatriate data service accessible through its website and the networked government application (Sahel). This service allows property owners to review expatriate data within their buildings. If any inaccuracies are identified, property owners can use the service to automatically file complaints and make necessary modifications to the data.

This news has been read 13497 times!

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