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Saturday , March 25 2023

Street vendors issued citations despite issuance of latest laws

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KUWAIT CITY, July 25: Despite the published reports regarding the legal loopholes in the street vendors regulation, which has been implemented for 40 years without amendment, especially since it is considered as canceled after the issuance of new laws on the Kuwait Municipality, the municipal teams are still issuing citations based on this regulation, which in turn is based on Law No. 15/1972, reports Aljarida daily. Inspectors from the municipality branches’ inspection teams in all governorates are continuing to issue citations to these vendors without considering the eligibility of that violation or legal reference. It came as surprise when a record number of citations were issued against these vendors in two days during the past week. For example, the supervisory team in Ahmadi Municipality issued 72 citations against a street vendor during one of the tours in the governorate.

A watermelon vendor sells his goods on one of the roadsides in Kuwait.

According to sources in the municipality, there are no new instructions for stopping the violations of street vendors according to the old regulation. The municipality had previously lost many cases related to these vendors. The regulation is one among the old regulations, and its amendment has become an urgent need to avoid legal problems facing the municipality due to the presence of many flaws in it.

It allows the municipality to issue a license to a 14-year old street vendor in violation of the Juvenile Exploitation Law. The regulation applies actually in the legal procedures, while not being implemented as a whole, which supports the necessity of amending and redrafting it, and stopping the violation procedures until new ones that regulate the work of street vendors or prevent them are issued.

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