Step towards right direction….Chinese envoy lauds Gaza ceasefire resolution

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Chinese Ambassador to Kuwait Zhang Jianwei

KUWAIT CITY, March 30: Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jianwei praised the United Nations Security Council’s decision to implement ceasefire in the Gaza Strip during the holy month of Ramadan — the first ceasefire resolution adopted by the Council since the outbreak of the latest round of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, reports Al- Qabas daily. Jianwei told the daily: “The decision reflects the general expectation of the international community and enjoys collective support from Arab countries. It is a step towards the right direction and China voted in favor of the decision.”

He also praised the positive reaction of the international, Arab and Gulf communities to the decision. He described the plight of Gaza as a warning to the world about the danger of the continuing historical injustice to which the Palestinian people are exposed, and the legitimate aspiration to establish an independent State of Palestine cannot be overlooked. He added: “In almost six months since the outbreak of the conflict in Gaza; more than 32,000 Palestinian civilians have lost their lives. Although this decision came too late for the lives lost, it represents a long-awaited hope for millions of people in Gaza who are still mired in the catastrophe. It is an unprecedented humanitarian move, if implemented fully and effectively.

The United Nations Security Council resolutions are binding. We call on the concerned parties to fulfill their obligations under the United Nations Charter and to take measures by the resolution. We expect countries that have great influence to play a positive role in coordination with the concerned parties, such as taking all the necessary and effective measures to support the implementation of the decision.” On whether China and Russia have succeeded in pressuring America to refrain from obstructing ceasefire efforts in Gaza, the Chinese ambassador stated: “Following the repeated use of its veto against Security Council measures, the United States decided to stop obstructing the Council’s demand for an immediate ceasefire. The United States is still trying to find all kinds of excuses to make accusations against China. The eyes of the international community are keen and the American accusations are unacceptable.

On the contrary, China and other concerned countries have continued to adhere to the principles of justice, which forced the United States to realize that it cannot and will not continue to obstruct the Council’s efforts to take the decisive step toward this path. In the end, justice prevails.” He continued: “The Chinese side believes that the ceasefire during Ramadan is only a first step. The decision must serve as the basis for a permanent and sustainable cessation of hostilities, and the residents of Gaza who were forced to migrate must be allowed to return to their homes as soon as possible. At the same time, the blockade of Gaza and man-made barriers to humanitarian access must be lifted immediately to ensure that humanitarian supplies can enter Gaza in sufficient quantities quickly to reach those in need in a safe and timely manner.”

Regarding the support of the Arab countries for China’s position against the American project, he stated: “We welcome the efforts of Egypt, Qatar and the United States to push for the release of the hostages. We hope all hostages and detainees will be released as soon as possible, and that they will return to their homes as soon as possible.” He continued: “This ordeal in the Gaza Strip warns the world once again that it is not permissible to continue to ignore the reality of the long-term occupation of the Palestinian territories. It is not permissible to ignore the aspiration of the Palestinian people to establish an independent State, not to mention the continuation of the historical injustice that the Palestinian people have suffered over the generations. Without correcting the situation, it is not possible to break out of the spiral of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict once and for all, remove the fertile ground for extremist ideas of all kinds, and achieve lasting peace in the Middle East except by restoring rights to the Palestinian people and implementing the two-State solution comprehensively.”

On why China is keen on playing a mediating role in resolving the Gaza crisis, Jianwei explained that his country firmly supports the just cause of the Palestinian people to restore their legitimate national rights, and has been working to find a comprehensive, just and lasting solution to the Palestinian issue. He added: “We support Palestine being a full member of the United Nations. We call on members of the United Nations Security Council to stop creating obstacles in this regard.” He stressed that “the United Nations Security Council should closely follow up the situation in Gaza and be prepared to take further measures when necessary to ensure the full and timely implementation of the resolution. China will continue to make efforts with all parties to bring an early end to the fighting in Gaza, mitigate the humanitarian catastrophe, and implement the two- State solution.”

This news has been read 763 times!

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