stc main sponsor of Bloom market as part of its 2024 sustainability program  

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Kuwait City, Feb 14: Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, announced its sponsorship of the Bloom market, the first sustainability lifestyle and entertainment boutique market in Kuwait. The sponsorship comes under the various initiatives to be launched under stc’s 2024-sustainability program titled “small move, Big Impact”, with a focus on environmental preservation and adopting long-term sustainable practices.

stc held a signing ceremony on Tuesday, February 13th, at its headquarters to make its main sponsorship official with SEEDs Co. for the upcoming Bloom market to be held at Dhai Complex in Al Bidaa in Feb 17th 2024  under the “Weyak” umbrella that focuses on supporting local SMEs and start-ups as well as youth initiatives. The ceremony was attended by Danah AlJasem, General Manager of Corporate Communications at stc, and Yasmeen Al Kandari, CEO at SEEDs Co, alongside Yousr A Mutawa, Ahmad Salmeen, Bedoor Al Mutawa and Orjon Ozhalfaji from SEED CO. and Ahmad Al Nowaibet and Mariam Al Kandari from the corporate communications team at stc . Based on its sponsorship role, stc will have a dedicated booth at the market where activities will be organized for visitors to participate in following the main theme of sustainability.

The partnership between stc and SEEDs Co. serves as a significant step towards achieving stc’s sustainability goals outlined in its 2024 program titled “small move, Big Impact”, to create a positive lasting impact in the community.

By investing in community-centric initiatives like Bloom, stc not only reinforces its role as a leading digital pioneer but also as a responsible corporate citizen committed to sustainable development in Kuwait. stc’s sponsorship role also aligns with the various initiatives in several fields that the Company organizes, participates throughout its annual CSR framework.

Commenting on the sponsorship, AlJasem said, “In line with our social responsibility at stc, we are always looking forward to actively contributing with our strategic partners to empower the community and we are keen to promote the concepts and culture of sustainable development through our various community activities in several key areas. Our sponsorship of the Bloom market is a testament to our unwavering dedication to promoting sustainable practices within our community. By supporting initiatives like Bloom, we aim to spread awareness and inspire action towards a more sustainable future. It is imperative that we engage the younger generation in these efforts, as they are crucial to the long-term success of sustainable development. In this regard, SEEDs Co. has managed to create an appealing platform for all ages with, making sustainability an inclusive and engaging topic for discussion and action.”

AlJasem further added, “I would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to SEEDs Co. for coming up with this initiative. Together, we are setting a benchmark for sustainability in Kuwait, while contributing to a greener and more conscious society. We are proud to be part of this unique initiative and look forward to continuing our collaboration with both the government and private sectors from various fields to create meaningful and sustainable change. Our commitment to sustainable development is a key pillar of our corporate values and is in line with Kuwait’s New Vision 2035, and we believe that through collective efforts, we can achieve a significant impact for our community and stimulate lasting change for the future generations.”

Yasmeen Al Kandari, CEO at SEEDs CO. said, “We are thrilled to have stc as the main sponsor for the Bloom market. Their commitment to sustainability and community engagement perfectly aligns with our mission to promote a lifestyle that prioritizes environmental consciousness. This partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration between the corporate sector and community initiatives to make a real difference. We are grateful for stc’s support, which not only amplifies our message but also broadens the reach and impact of our efforts. Through this partnership, we are paving the way for a sustainable future, while inspiring others to join us in this vital journey. On behalf of the team at SEEDs CO., I would like to thank stc for being an exemplary leader in sustainability and for becoming part of the Bloom family.”

The Bloom market is set to offer a unique blend of activities and workshops designed to educate and entertain all ages, fostering a deeper understanding of sustainable living practices. From engaging workshops for adults and children to a curated selection of sustainable products and services, the event promises to be a comprehensive platform for both established and emerging sustainable businesses to connect with a broader audience.

This news has been read 359 times!

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