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Staying out of country more then 6 months

I have certain queries … could you guide me:

1. My wife and 2-year-old daughter are my dependents on visa Article 22. My wife is 3 months pregnant and doctors have suggested that she take complete bed rest until delivery.

2. She left Kuwait on 29th October -2016 and her expected date of delivery is the last week of April 2017, with the residence expiry date June, 2017.

3. Is there any possibility of extending her stay out of the country for one more month … total 7 months out of the country?

4. Is it possible… what do I have to do & who do I need to approach?

Name withheld

Answer: This is a very simple procedure and you can easily get permission for your wife to stay out of Kuwait if you follow the following procedure.

1. Get a letter from the doctor / hospital from where your wife is receiving treatment.

2. This letter must then be attested by the Foreign Ministry of your country.

3. Once this letter arrives in Kuwait, get this letter must be attested from your embassy in Kuwait.

4. This letter must then be attested by the Kuwait Foreign Ministry, located in Shuwaikh opposite the Kuwait Sports Stadium

5. After the attestation get this letter translated into Arabic

6. Go to the Immigration Department in your area and get typed an application called “Izne Gayab” (500 fills).

7. Attach your Passport & Civil ID and both your wife’s and daughter’s passport & Civil ID copies.

8. Attach 2 passport size photos of your wife and daughter with blue back ground.

9. Go to the “Izne Gayab” section and submit the application.

10. You will be given a print out (with the photos attached) granting your wife and child permission to stay outside Kuwait for more than 6 months

11. You must send this printout to your family and she should carry it when she and the child travel to Kuwait.

One very important point: You have to submit the application before the six months pass. If you are late by even a few hours, the residence of both your wife and daughter will automatically be cancelled and they won’t be allowed to enter Kuwait until you get new visas.

Please also make sure also that you get permission for both your wife and daughter. If you get permission only for your wife, your daughter will be stuck in your home country.

Kindly send your queries to arabtimes@arabtimesonline.com or admin@arabtimesonline.com

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