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Statistics on the drug scourge in Kuwait

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 5: In a reality that reflects the worst of what is expected, official figures showed the extent of the drug scourge in the country. These figures themselves reveal the psychological, educational and social problems that a large segment of Kuwaiti youth suffer from.

According to statistics issued by the Public Prosecution, the number of cases received by the Drugs and Liquor Prosecution from the Ministry of Interior in 2022 was about 3,575 cases, or an average of 10 cases per day, which is an increase of 25.2 percent compared to 2021.

Also, the number of cases investigated by the Juvenile Prosecution Office last year, reached 3,720 cases or an average of 11 cases per day. This reveals a dramatic increase last year compared to 2021 by more than 114.9 percent.

The figures showed the great effort of the Public Prosecution during the past year, with the total completion rate of drug addicts cases reaching 100 percent and juvenile cases at about 99.6 percent.

In this regard, two lawyers said they believe that drugs are the scourge of the age and a dangerous tool for the destruction of any society.

They stressed the need to develop solutions and studies, and enact legislation to reduce this deadly scourge that kills the veins of society.

The lawyers attributed the increase in juvenile issues to several factors, including family, social, psychological, educational, religious and media factors, poor care and nurture, loss of family cohesion, absence of family dialogue and discussion, loss of emotional security between parents and children, and the large number of family disputes. By Jaber Al-Hamou, Al-Seyassa/Arab Times Staff

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