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Tuesday , September 27 2022

Split family leads to ‘confused’ kids

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Law to mend rifts eyed

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 5: In reaction to the highlighted issue regarding “weak family control” that was recently published after the incident on the recruitment of teenagers by ISIS, social activist Abdul Rahman Al-Hudayeb said he had prepared a proposal titled “Family driving license” for those intending to marry, which will contribute to reducing family problems, either between spouses or in terms of raising children, reports Al-Qabas daily.

In a press statement, Al-Hudayeb explained that one of the top causes that make children susceptible to recruitment into the world of vice is divorce and family problems, and the subsequent lack of care towards children especially with the lack of sense of responsibility from the father’s side. This prompted him to submit a proposal for the “family driving license” law.

The family driving license, according to the proposal, is a license granted to those who intend to enter matrimonial life, provided that they pass psychological, social, educational and legal courses established by the competent government authority. It is in accordance with the proposal of the Supreme Family Council.

The proposed law consists of ten articles – the first article stipulates the definition of terms, the second defines the family driving license, and the third is concerned with the objectives of the license, which is to provide and equip those who are to get married with the information and skills necessary for the success of their married life.

The fourth article stipulates the general provisions, which is that it is not permissible for the competent government agency to write, document and approve marriage contracts for citizens, whether they are inside or outside Kuwait, except after the spouses obtain a family driving license certificate from the Supreme Family Council.

The proposal stipulated that the age of the participant in the course should not be less than 16 years, and the validity period of the license is five years. In his proposal, Al-Hudayeb excluded holders of an accredited bachelor’s degree in Islamic jurisprudence (Sharia) majors from obtaining the license. The proposal placed the responsibility of the cost of the sessions on the General Secretariat of Awqaf.

The responsibilities of the Supreme Family Council are to organize psychological, social, educational, health and legal courses and select lecturers in accordance with special standards and controls set by the Supreme Family Council so that they would have the necessary experience, competence and presentation skills.

Al-Hudayeb cited the Malaysian experience in applying the family driving license, explaining that youths of both genders are not allowed to marry without passing specialized training courses and accordingly they are granted a marriage license.

The courses include legal materials about social life before and after marriage, as well as lessons on healthy, psychological and spiritual life of those who are about to get married, how to solve marital problems, and to raise children and provide them with good education.

He stressed that this experiment has achieved great success, as Malaysia has become one of the countries in the world with lowest divorce rates, which is less than eight percent, and thus reducing the behavioral problems among children. Expected skills for license holders include – how to choose a life partner, the legal, social and psychological rights and duties of the husband and wife, ways to solve marital problems, how to raise children and provide them with a good upbringing, and skills of planning the family budget.

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