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Souk Mubarakiya opens despite temperature nears 50 degrees C

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Market considered to be pearl of Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, July 19: Even though the temperature on Friday afternoon neared 50 degrees Celsius, Souk Mubarakiya opened its gates to receive customers who came to shop despite the scorching heat, reports Al- Rai daily.

The charm of Souk Mubarakiya is exquisite. Despite the heat, the market is considered to be the pearl of Kuwait. For Kuwaitis, it is not just a market but a historical narration, a renewed heritage, and a landmark entrenched in mind and conscience as Souk Mubarakiya contains various features from Kuwait’s history.

From the political perspective, there is the Mubarak kiosk, where Sheikh Mubarak Al-Kabeer set the features of the modern state, and highlighted his interest in the educational dimension of Mubarakiya School and the famous Ruwaih Library. As for the social aspect, it is embodied in the Caesarea of Rashdan, Abu Nashi’s Coffee, and Dalawa Coffee, in addition to the shops scattered throughout Souk Mubarakiya such as the gold market, sweets, metal workshops, cloaks, perfumers, fish, meat, vegetables and shops for dates.

Souk Mubarakiya, which was established by Kuwaiti merchants, gained so much popularity that the Ambassador of the United States of America Alina Romanowski last Friday tweeted, “Mubarakiya Market, what a place full of vitality and activity! I look forward to continuing to explore the shops and the main landmarks there. Are there any suggestions for my next visit to the market?”

Despite the modernity of various malls and shopping complexes in Kuwait, Souk Mubarakiya market has preserved the old architectural form but with some necessary modernity that makes the market more attractive to visitors and suitable for the modern era, giving the historical dimension of the market heritage factors that make it a loving kiss for heritage lovers

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