Son of Lakewood church shooter lost part of frontal lobe

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Walli Carranza

WASHINGTON, Feb 19, (Agencies): The 7-year-old boy, who suffered a gunshot wound to the head during the Lakewood Church shooting last Sunday, has experienced the loss of a significant portion of his frontal lobe, according to his grandmother, Walli Carranza. Samuel Moreno-Carranza, the son of the 36-year-old shooter, Genesse Moreno, underwent two surgeries within 24 hours, during which half of his right skull had to be surgically removed.

In a Facebook post shared on Wednesday, Carranza provided an update on Samuel’s condition, revealing the severe impact on his frontal lobe. She explained, “He lost a major part of what makes us who we are… a portion of his frontal lobe.” The surgeries were challenging, with Samuel experiencing cardiac arrest multiple times. Complicating the situation further, his scalp tissue is too delicate for the attachment of EEG wires, making it difficult to determine significant brain activity.

The frontal lobe, as described by the Cleveland Clinic, is a crucial region responsible for managing thinking, emotions, personality, judgment, self-control, muscle control and movements, memory storage, and more.

This tragic development follows the shooting incident at Lakewood Church in Houston, where Samuel’s mother, Genesse Moreno, opened fire between services last weekend. The community is grappling with the repercussions of this devastating event, and Samuel’s health remains a matter of deep concern.

This news has been read 462 times!

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