Some MPs submit proposal to curb restrictions on judiciary

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Accept the rulings of court irrespectively: Al-Subai’e

MP Al-Humaidhi Al- Subai’e

KUWAIT CITY, April 16: MP Al-Humaidhi Al- Subai’e affirmed that calls to impose control of the judiciary administration on all administration decisions without exemption such as issues related to citizenship, administrational deportation and houses of worship are regarded as an indication of the confidence that the judicial authority of this country has, reports Aljarida daily.

In an interview, the lawmaker revealed that he and some other MPs submitted a proposal to eliminate all restrictions set on the judicial authority on issues specified in Law No. 20/1981 concerning establishment of a tribunal to look into administration disputes. He said such restrictions or rather exemptions should not exist, as it is a form of violation of the right of citizens to receive fair trial. MP Al-Subai’e asked, “What is the problem in resorting to the court when a citizen’s nationality is withdrawn? Why the fear? Is the fear in the Kuwaiti judiciary?” However, he was quick to add, “If the government fears the judiciary in extending its authority on these issues, then that is the government’s problem. This is due to the fact that arbitration of disputes should be referred to the court.”

Refuse MP Al-Subai’e said, “For the government to refuse the referral of such issues to the court means it has no confidence in the judiciary system. However, we accept the rulings of the court irrespectively, and such rulings should be enforced.” He asked, “What is the problem if an expatriate challenges an administration order of deportation in the court? There are expatriates who have families and businesses they work for as well as interests. Why should they be handled unjustly in such cases?” MP Al-Subai’e explained that the court will endorse orders for administration deportation if they are issued on solid grounds that warrant such a measure; otherwise it will reject such orders if there is miscarriage of justice. This also applies on issues concerning houses of worship in which the court currently has no authority to look into the administrational decisions taken in this regard; however, everyone will consent the final court’s decisions.

MP Al-Subai’e expressed hope that the proposal he submitted in this regard will receive full backing from other MPs and it will be endorsed.

This news has been read 7574 times!

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