Cop Arrested for Extortion and Bribery Involving Asian Expats

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KUWAIT CITY, May 29: In a significant development, the Public Prosecution has ordered the detention of a cop stationed at a local police station. The cop faces serious allegations of asking for a bribe from Asian expats. According to the charges, he blackmailed these individuals by falsely accusing them of trafficking liquor, subsequently demanding money from them.

The accusations further state that the cop arrested and detained Asians under conditions not authorized by law. Following these allegations, the Public Prosecution initiated an interrogation of the accused cop, presenting him with the charges against him. The investigation is ongoing, with authorities continuing to gather evidence and complete necessary procedures.

This case highlights concerns over misconduct and abuse of power within the police force, underscoring the need for strict adherence to legal protocols and ethical standards. The authorities are committed to ensuring justice and maintaining public trust in the legal system.

This news has been read 2952 times!

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