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Sunday , November 29 2020

Solar tech will become competitive in Kuwait

Renewable energies see remarkable growth in most developed countries


KUWAIT CITY, Feb 17: Renewable energies have recently seen remarkable growth in most developed countries where they find ways to save oil and gas consumption and reduce carbon emissions in the environment, but have the homeowners and buildings ever thought of saving 10 percent of their bills and selling surplus power, reports Al-Rai daily. Executive Director of the Energy Research and Building Center at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Dr Osama Al Sayegh, said in an interview with Al-Rai that this is possible, but pointed to the absence of legal legislation to support the idea.

Al Sayegh talked about providing thousands of jobs if the state invests in solar energy, stressing that solar technology will become competitive price wise in the future in Kuwait, and encourage investors and citizens to put solar panels on the roofs of their buildings and homes. On the extent to which investment in solar energy provides jobs, the official said that it will provide two-way jobs at central stations, such as the Shaqaya Renewable Energy Complex, which will be a central station connected to the network and distributed throughout the Kuwait network. It will also support works, such as maintenance, electrical connections and meters, because any system needs support and maintenance.

The second axis will be the distributed power system on the roofs of houses, buildings and parking lots, which will provide employment opportunities at the level of small and medium enterprises. He went on to say, the solar energy has two images: light and heat. Technology uses light to convert it into electrical energy directly, using certain substances that stimulate when light falls on them, and generate electrons that move from positive to negative. The thermal aspect is the exploitation of heat using the pools or mirrors gathering heat and to reflect them at a certain point to raise the temperature of a liquid.

To transform light into electricity directly, the basis is silicon, but with special specifications. Silicon is a semiconductive and has positive and negative properties, so it stimulates the fall of light. In thermal applications, different materials such as mirrors and pipes enter all types of steel and heat transfer materials from liquids and oils. However, he called, the solar energy intermittent energy which is not continuous, it is available to generate electricity only during the day, and depends on the weather (clouds, dust, etc) which affect the production process because the low light means low power, so we see the process of instability, which in itself is an obstacle and a challenge, since the electrical grid must be stable at a ‘voltages’ and frequency range rather than at a fl uctuating level. This challenge can be mitigated by energy storage technology.

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