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Friday , January 21 2022

Sneak peek cams trap no-belt users, phone talk on the move

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 15: A security source says any increase in the traffic fines needs a law to be issued by the legislative authority, reports Arab Times daily.

The daily added, rumors about the increase in fines for certain violations are not true and pointed out the increase in fine for parking allocated for the disabled was issued through a law.

The source added that any amendment to the fines will be introduced through a law and must be accompanied by a security awareness campaign.

The source noted using the cell phone while driving is a grave offence because the person behind the wheel lacks concentration.

The daily added, if a motorist is caught speaking while driving, the vehicle will be confiscated for two months according to the law and also fined. Information circulated in the social media said the surveillance cameras installed along the road can spot the motorists speaking on the phone and will be fined KD 100.

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