SME new innovation becomes feature of ‘modern projects’

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Owners achieve financial profit at an acceptable cost

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 12: Innovation of new small projects of its kind, which achieve financial profit for its owner at an acceptable cost, and provide a new and convenient service to customers, has become a feature of modern projects, which young people have accepted in recent times, reports Al-Qabas daily. One of the projects in the offing is called ‘Delivery Mechanic’, which promotes its business through social media, especially Instagram, and it is a kind of mobile garage equipped with all equipment, providing a variety of services throughout the day, and in various regions of the country.

Mobile garage
One of the owners of the mobile garage for car repair says 15 years ago, there were only two companies in the market working in the field of car service and maintenance wherever they were, but recently or rather about 5 years ago many interested parties entered the fray and it is very easy as long as he has the ability to buy a vehicle and simple equipment, such as equipment to change wheels, change oil, filter and change the battery, and these are the ones which negatively affected the market, because they lack experience in repair and maintenance work.

In addition to raising their prices compared to the prices offered by the major companies operating in this field, which have extensive experience and fully know the requirements of customers and the method of inspection, maintenance and provision of service and at a price that does not differ much from the mechanic shops located in country.

Regarding the budget allocated to advertisements for these companies, the source indicates that it ranges between 500-2500 dinars per month, which is a fixed budget to establish their place more in the market amid intense competition, in addition to other expenses such as salaries of employees, so many companies barely covered their costs and with time exited the market. It is important that these mobile workshops operate legally, because they are subject to supervision by the Kuwait Municipality and the Ministry of Commerce.

This news has been read 12025 times!

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