Smart recruitment for skilled expats delayed

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KUWAIT CITY, May 7: The Public Authority for Manpower has postponed the launch of what it called the smart recruitment project for skilled expatriate workers for up to six months although the project was slated to roll out some weeks ago, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to PAM the project will benefit the Kuwaiti local market which suffers from a severe shortage of skilled workers. At the time of its launch, the project will automate at least 20 vocational tests, identifying the 10 most required jobs in the local private labor market, which are recruited through private companies and institutions, with the aim of raising the percentage of labor quality in the private market.

The automated tests system will measure the true extent of the skill possessed by the worker who is to be recruited to work in Kuwait and the hiring will be subjected to passing the test before arriving in Kuwait to take up the job. PAM, in a letter addressed to the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, requested for permission for temporary postponement of launching the project for skilled workers for because of non-cooperation of some government agencies with the members of the development plan team, who work for the authority, in order to make the project a success in order for it to appear in the fullest form, and benefit the state in particular, and the local market in general and PAM was unable to benefit from the preparatory stage.

Moreover, PAM needs further study of the preparatory and implementation steps in terms of adding and deleting steps to complete the work for the project in a manner consistent with its nature and the quality of its implementation on the ground in addition to the unrealistic implementation stages that were developed in the past, compared to the practical reality at the time of implementation.

PAM also identified what it called inaccurate and inconsistent timelines for launching the project with the timeframe set for its completion; needs time to re-establish the basic ideas and identify the parties concerned with implementing the project to ensure its success. In the same context, informed sources told Al-Qabas that postponing the launch of the project comes in the interest of the project, in order for it to start in a professional manner that is destined for continuity and success.

The sources stated the authority aims to launch the project with a number of qualitative goals, the most important of which is to raise the efficiency of workers with academic and professional qualifications, and to activate and strengthen the supervisory role and inspection of professions. PAM confirmed that among the objectives of the project is to strengthen the labor market with professionals with strict adherence in terms of the worker and the company he works for. The sources stated that the smart recruitment of expatriate workers will not be random, but will include measurement indicators to achieve the objectives of the project, as well as building an attractive work environment to settle the national labor of Kuwaiti youth in the private market.

The most important components of the smart recruitment project for skilled expatriate workers are as follows:

■ Setting tests for expatriate workers to be recruited, according to the profession for which they are being recruited, provided that the tests are held under academic supervision and accreditation.

■ Raising the efficiency of the performance of the local private labor market, and meeting its professional needs for skilled expatriate workers.

■ Continuous updating of occupations, occupational and standard descriptions according to the needs of the labor market.

■ Direct coordination with the relevant government agencies, such as the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Interior, Trade and Industry, the Industry Authority, Kuwait Municipality, the Public Authority for Civil Information, and other agencies.

■ Approve laws and decisions that guarantee adherence to professions and their adoption in all sectors pertaining to the labor market.

This news has been read 28870 times!

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