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Tuesday , December 7 2021

Skyrocketing prices of truffles inflame the cold atmosphere

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 6: The land of Kuwait and the region were shaken after the rainfall as the green surface of the Earth blossomed and the fruit appeared in the interior, reports Al- Anba daily.

Among the varieties of products of this rainfall is the desert truffle, which Kuwaitis and expatriates have been eagerly waiting for only to be disappointed with the skyrocketing prices.

The truffles market in Al-Rai witnessed a large number of citizens and expatriates while others came from outside Kuwait, but the prices in the market inflamed the atmosphere and made the cold fade as the flame rages.

The price hike affected all kinds of truffles, not to mention auctions in the market through stalls allocated by Kuwait Municipality. Saudi, Kuwaiti and Iraqi truffles are leading the market as they occupy the top of the price list, while the Syrian truffle is at the bottom due to its low rate of patronage.

The market survey carried by the daily to monitor reactions of traders and customers concerning sales and prices came out with a number of revelations. Aziz Abdul Zahra, one of the owners of the stalls, disclosed that the turnout in the market is large this year; especially after the rainfall which ushered in good news and massive blessings.

He added Saudi, Kuwaiti and Iraqi truffles topped the price list; disclosing the price of a kilogram of Saudi truffle is KD 20, Kuwaiti and Iraqi truffles are KD 15 per kilo, Algerian truffle is KD 6, Libyan Al-Ikhlas is KD6, Al-Zebaidi is KD12, the Moroccan type is KD 6, Tunisian is KD 6 and KD 4 for Syrian truffle which is not popular among the consumers.

During the tour of the market, Captain Sayed, one of the traders, said that this year the market is witnessing an abnormal movement compared to previous years, because the truffles market these days have different types from Gulf countries and other Arab nations. He added the Saudi, Kuwaiti and Iraqi truffles have their own popularity and taste, so the market has been crowded daily for more than two weeks.

“The market is also witnessing an auction through traders who import different types of truffles from several countries in the Gulf and the Arab region. Another truffles trader, Mohammed Jassim Al-Awad, affirmed that all types of truffles exist in the market. He indicated there are Kuwaiti, Moroccan, Algerian and Libyan truffles; adding that the prices vary according to type and quality – KD 20 and below per kilogram.

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