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Sheikh Jaber Bridge ready, will soon be opened for traffic – MP’s to decide on fees

KUWAIT CITY, March 11: The Director of the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Bridge Project Engineer Mai Al-Mis’id said the bridge will soon be opened for vehicular traffic, reports Al-Anba daily.

She told the daily word is being awaited from the concerned authorities with regards to the opening of the bridge but expected it to happen between end of March or early April. She added the project serves the residential areas of Jaber Al- Ahmad, Boubiyan, Al-Jahra and in the future the Silk City, which is to be established within the framework of the State Plan 2035.

Regarding fees, she said that it is left to legislators and related parties to whether to impose fees or not. The Ministry of Public Works is the implementing agency, which has no jurisdiction over fees, but there are others involved.

The islands are located strategically and said the main bridge sail is located under the sea aperture that allows ships to proceed to port Doha, whose width is 120 meters and a sea or maritime navigational space 23 meters from the highest sea level.

She revealed an initial feasibility study for investment opportunities in the islands on the project’s scale was underway, benefiting both the state and road users. The project was reported to be in the guarantee period and an operational contract and maintenance of the bridge would be signed in coordination with the relevant authorities.

Meanwhile, the sources added, the trucks will be weighed before entering the bridge to know the weight which will done by weighing stations at Doha and Shuwaikh.

The traffic on the bridge will be monitored 24/7 through CCTV cameras by the Ministry of Interior. As for the advantages of the bridge, Eng Mis’id pointed out the most important thing is that it will shorten the distance between Kuwait City and Al-Subbiya from 104 kilometers which takes about 90 minutes to 36 kilometers and will take less than 30 minutes.

It will also provide a new strategic road to support the future development plan in the northern area of Kuwait. Al-Ghazali Highway with Jamal Abdel Nasser Street at the port of Shuwaikh and up to Al-Subbiya Highway to the New Subbiya, she added. She added the project was supervised by the Ministry of Public Works and the Roads and Land Transport Authority in alliance with Hyundai and in cooperation with the joint group of contracting companies and cost the state KD 739 million.

Director of the Roads and Land Transport Authority said the Sheikh Jaber Bridge project is vital and is part of the projects included in the development plan. It is considered one of the most important projects implemented according to the latest standards and specifications for designing marine bridges. The bridge achieves His Highness’ vision to transform Kuwait into a financial, global, commercial and economic center until 2035.

She explained that the project will be of great importance in Kuwait, especially as its location is strategic and will serve existing areas and new cities in the future. It said it was in coordination with the relevant authorities concerned with the project to open it on schedule next April.

The project will have an economic impact on Kuwait and will benefit Kuwait in the future after its operation, said Mis’id. She pointed out that the Roads Authority will follow up the project even after its operation, according to the sponsorship of the project in coordination between the ministry and the Authority. She added that the project was implemented according to contractual program with the contractor and did not have any delay.

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