Sepsis tragedy: Investigation launched as 90-year-old’s death takes startling turn

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BRAZIL, Dec 2: A morgue worker at Sao José Regional Hospital in Brazil experienced a moment of panic when he discovered signs of life in a 90-year-old woman, Norma Silveira da Silva, who had previously been pronounced dead. The incident occurred on Saturday, as the worker found Da Silva gasping for air in a body bag hours after her supposed demise.

Promptly, the worker returned Da Silva to her hospital bed to facilitate recovery. Unfortunately, despite these efforts, she tragically passed away just one day later. Jessica Martinez Silvi Pereira, a friend and caregiver to Norma, expressed the family’s intention to pursue legal action against the hospital, citing negligence in their handling of the situation.

Pereira recounted the distressing event, stating, “It is a case of negligence that I would not wish on anyone. When the worker opened the body bag, she was breathing very weakly.” She continued, revealing the critical timeframe of the incident, saying, “From 11:40 pm until 1:30 am, she was inside the bag on the verge of death from suffocation.”

Norma’s death certificate, as reported by local media, attributes her demise to sepsis. This particular form of sepsis arises from an overactive immune system attacking internal organs, potentially leading to fatal septic shock.

Local media also revealed that the Brazilian Medical Ethics Commission would investigate the case. The Regional Medical Council of Santa Catarina State acknowledged the situation, pledging to take appropriate measures to monitor and address the circumstances surrounding Norma’s case.

This news has been read 989 times!

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