Seminar on Structural Health Monitoring of high-rise buildings Al Hamra Business Tower

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Kuwait City, Apr 29: Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) organized a seminar on “Structural Health Monitoring of Al-Hamra Business Tower” in cooperation with Al-Hamra Real Estate Company and the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.

The Seminar aimed at disseminating the results of a research project funded by KFAS entitled “Ground Motion Modeling and Structural Monitoring of high-rise Buildings” which was implemented at Al Hamra Business Tower by Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. Devices and sensors were installed in Al Hamra Tower to measure the building’s response to the dynamic loads that high-rise buildings are exposed to, due to wind speed and the effects of local and regional seismic activities.

The project is an extension of another funded project, which was also implemented by KISR and Kuwait University in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where Kuwaiti researchers gained extensive experience and knowledge during its implementation, enabling them to implement the current phase. The project included a high-accuracy computational model for the Tower, which was developed and utilized for continuous monitoring of it’s structural safety to detect any damages or changes that may arise in the building’s structural system.

The Seminar was attended by a number of researchers, academics, engineers and architects, and representatives and officials from several relevant entities and institutions, including Kuwait University, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Municipal Council, Ministry of Public Works, Kuwait Municipality, Public Authority for Housing Welfare, Environment Public Authority, in addition to the private sector.

KISR Stated that the project is aligned with Kuwait’s Developmental Plan aimed at developing and enhancing the resilience of infrastructure projects. The project, funded by KFAS, was carried out in the Sustainability and Reliability of Infrastructure (SRI) Program under the Energy and Building Research Center at KISR. The research team developed innovative Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) technology, tailored specifically for infrastructure applications in Kuwait. This technology, successfully implemented in Kuwait’s tallest building, the Al-Hamra Business Tower. This is the first time such advanced monitoring technology has been applied in Kuwait, representing a significant step towards developing sustainable smart cities supported by advanced sensor technology and real data. The technology has the potential to transform how infrastructure safety is monitored during extreme events such as earthquakes and sandstorms. The technology provides accurate information about the safety of infrastructure and the areas most affected during emergencies, thereby enabling more efficient and effective responses by governmental authorities. This technology can be scaled to monitor other critical systems, such as bridges and energy infrastructure throughout Kuwait.

Al Hamra Real Estate Company indicated that Al Hamra Business Tower has become a symbol of innovation and excellence in adopting the highest international architectural standards, as it has won many international awards through its commitment to the development of its infrastructure by applying thorough creative strategies, which include integrating leading technologies such as a solar energy system and a structural health monitoring system to ensure the safety and longevity of the tower. The facility management is constantly working to protect its facilities as part of its commitment to drive innovation and promote learning in the architectural community. This Seminar affirms Al Hamra Business Tower’s proactive approach in adapting international standards and practices to suit local needs and enhancing its leading position in the field of architecture and engineering.

This news has been read 481 times!

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