Seinfeld actor Michael Richards reveals his battle with prostate cancer

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Michael Richards

LOS ANGELES, May 23: Renowned Seinfeld actor Michael Richards, aged 74, is revealing a harrowing health journey that he believes could have marked the end of his life.

In his forthcoming memoir “Entrances and Exits,” slated for release on June 4, Richards recounts his diagnosis of prostate cancer during the summer of 2018. The diagnosis came after a routine checkup revealed elevated PSA levels, indicating a potential health concern. Following further medical examinations, he was classified with stage 1 prostate cancer.

Reflecting on the moment he received the diagnosis, Richards recalls a profound sense of acceptance, initially believing his time had come. However, the thought of his 9-year-old son spurred him to inquire about prolonging his life. Subsequently, his physician recommended surgical removal of the entire prostate after a biopsy raised concerns.

“It had to be contained quickly,” Richards shares. “I had to go for the full surgery. If I hadn’t, I probably would have been dead in about eight months.”

This brush with mortality prompted Richards to pen his memoir, a decision fueled by a desire to engage in introspection and revisit significant moments in his life.

Of course, Richards delves into the infamous incident that shook his career trajectory, recounting a stand-up performance at the Laugh Factory where he engaged in a racially charged altercation with hecklers, using derogatory language. Despite a public apology on David Letterman’s show, Richards chose to step away from the limelight and embark on a journey of deep self-reflection.

“I was immediately sorry the moment I said it onstage,” admits Richards, acknowledging the lasting impact of his actions. “I’m not looking for a comeback.”

Retreating from the public eye, Richards dedicated himself to personal growth, immersing himself in literature on religion and philosophy while nurturing familial bonds. Despite life’s ups and downs, Richards remains committed to his journey of learning and healing, supported by his wife, actress Beth Skipp, and their son, Antonio.

Richards’ memoir promises an intimate exploration of his life’s highs and lows, offering readers a candid glimpse into the challenges and triumphs that have shaped his remarkable journey.

This news has been read 934 times!

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