Securitymen seize 15 liters of deadly liquid drugs in ‘raid’ on Rehab house

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KUWAIT CITY, May 25: The criminal security sector, headed by Major General Hamed Al-Dawas, thwarted the pumping of 15 liters of the deadly drug “GHB into the local market in what is seen as a new narcotic substance that is promoted among abusers under the name GHB. It is considered one of the most dangerous and highly toxic chemicals that often leads to immediate death for those who abuse it, reports Al-Anba daily. The injection of the drug into the local market was thwarted after a parliamentary permission was obtained, and a citizen’s house was raided in the Al-Rehab area, and four bags containing the seized items were found, in addition to small packaging boxes.

The suspect with the deadly drugs

The accused, who is in his 30s, admitted to purchasing the drug via electronic correspondence from a European country, and that the shipment was sent to him in a mail parcel in the name of e-cigarette liquid. The Ministry of Interior has warned against the drug GHB, Gamma Hydroxybutyric, noting that it is produced as a medical drug and is used legally in hospitals for the purpose of anesthesia in surgical operations, but it was recently observed that it was used internationally for illegal actions, such as anesthetizing victims with it until they may lose consciousness and after waking up from the effect of the drug do not remember anything.

The sources indicated the drug is a liquid substance that has no color or smell, and may be mixed with any other liquid, and works to slow or prevent messages between the brain and the body, and is considered a criminal substance internationally and locally because it falls under the psychotropic substances, and listed in Schedule 2, Item No. 30 in the Schedules and Preparations of Psychotropic Substances listed in Law No. 48 of 1987.

The Drug Enforcement Administration said, in a statement, that a narcotic substance that some promoters and addicts began circulating among them recently was called GHB or GBL, indicating that it is one of the most dangerous substances as it is a highly toxic chemical and added the consumption of 2 milligrams of the substance is sufficient to kill the person immediately. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior has arrested five people for trafficking in drugs and referred them to the General Department of Drugs and Alcohol Control (GDDAC), reports Al-Rai daily. In another incident, Ministry of Interior has seized a motorist and impounded his vehicle for driving without numbers plate and making noises with the car exhaust.

This news has been read 8163 times!

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