Security Concerns: American Bases in Kuwait and the UAE Under Threat

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US Embassy in Kuwait Reduces Military Base Activities

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 26:  The US Embassy in Kuwait has announced a reduction in activities at US military bases due to threats from armed factions associated with Iran. These factions have expressed intentions to target American interests, including bases in the Emirates and Kuwait. One such armed group, the “Brigades of the True Promise/Sons of the Arabian Peninsula,” issued a statement in response to the ongoing conflict in Palestine.

They declared their intent to consider American bases in Kuwait and the Emirates as legitimate targets, citing their opposition to the actions of the Zionist entity and the United States. In another development, a missile attack targeted the American Kharab al-Jir base in northeastern Syria, resulting in a fire and explosions at the base. The Islamic Resistance in Iraq claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that they had directly hit their targets.

Amid these developments, the United States has been sending messages to Iran and various resistance groups since the beginning of the Gaza war. Washington has emphasized its lack of intention to expand the conflict in the region and has called for restraint. Iran, in response, warns that continued Israeli actions may lead to further regional unrest and new fronts against Israel and even the United States, as seen in recent events in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen.

Stay Vigilant

The American Embassy in Kuwait issued a circular two days ago, cautioning its citizens to stay vigilant. However, embassy sources have clarified that regular operations are ongoing, including visa appointments for all applicants.

In the event that the US State Department shares information about potential risks for its citizens overseas, standard protocol necessitates that the embassy extends similar information to all American citizens. This applies to both official and unofficial individuals.

The source concluded by emphasizing the enduring and robust partnership between the United States and Kuwait. American diplomats are maintaining their engagements with their Kuwaiti counterparts in trade, military collaboration, and educational endeavors as usual.

This news has been read 8760 times!

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