Security alert: Ministry urges visitors not to tamper with foreign objects

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Ministry of Interior urges caution for wilderness travelers and camp owners.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 14: In an official communication, the General Administration of Security Relations and Media at the Ministry of Interior has issued an advisory for individuals venturing into the wilderness and camp owners. The directive recommends exercising caution and refraining from approaching or interfering with any unidentified objects encountered in outdoor environments.

The Ministry of Interior underscores the significance of this cautionary message to enhance public safety during outdoor activities. Travelers exploring the wilderness and owners of camping sites are encouraged to prioritize safety and promptly report any suspicious findings by using the emergency phone number 112.

This advisory aligns with the ministry’s ongoing commitment to safeguarding public well-being and fostering responsible conduct during outdoor pursuits. By raising awareness about potential risks in wilderness areas, the Ministry of Interior aims to ensure the safety and security of individuals engaging in various outdoor activities.


This news has been read 1029 times!

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