Scientists explore possibility of corona virus targeting human intestines

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The elevated presence of the coronavirus detected in wastewater has spurred scientific exploration into the possibility that the virus may target the human intestines.

While Covid typically infects individuals through the nose and mouth, replicating in the respiratory system and occasionally migrating to the lungs, some virologists posit that the virus has altered its cellular entry mechanisms, potentially making intestinal infection more accessible.

Researchers worldwide, including those in the United States, are closely monitoring heightened traces of the “Covid” virus in wastewater, as reported by the “Russia Today” website.

Mark Johnson, a molecular virologist and professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Missouri, suggested, “It is conceivable that the concentration of the newly dominant (JN.1) variant of Covid is higher in the gastrointestinal tract,” though he emphasized the lack of direct evidence supporting this theory.

He further explained, “Many other coronaviruses infect the gastrointestinal tract, so such an occurrence would not be unexpected.”

This news has been read 1078 times!

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