School charging more fees then approved by the ministry

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Recently I visited the Private Department of the Ministry of Education to enquire about the fee structure in Indian schools. I was shocked to see that for the past 5 years the school that my kids go to are charging us a fee almost 40% higher than what was approved to them by the ministry.

Fee approved for LKG to UKG is KD 320 and the amount the school was charging was KD 450.

The ministry claims that the school has already violated the fee regulation and asked me to file a complaint.

I have already done the needful but it seems no action has been taken as yet as it is almost 2 months since the complaint was filed.

Please advise what should be the next step if we do not get any response.

Name withheld

Answer: The wheel of justice they say, grinds slowly so we advise that you give the ministry ample time to delve into the case and then take the necessary action. You should, however, from time to time, follow up the issue to be abreast of the progress made.

If the follow-ups after some time do not yield any positive results, you can seek the services of a lawyer to file a case against the school in a court for exceeding the approved fees.

You may also attach the Private Education Department of the Ministry of Education to the case to explain their inability to compel the school to charge only the approved fees.

Kindly send your queries to [email protected] and [email protected]

This news has been read 5824 times!

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