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Tuesday , September 28 2021

Saudis ‘down’ Houthi drones

JEDDAH, March 7, (KUNA): A Saudi-led Arab coalition intercepted and destroyed 10 explosive- laden drones fired by Houthi militias against civilian population in Saudi Arabia, a coalition spokesman said Sunday, stepping up attacks on the Kingdom after lifting its name from the terror list. “Lifting the Houthis from the list of terrorist groups has been justified in a hostile manner by the militias,” Colonel Turki Al- Malki was quoted by Saudi press agency as saying. He said systematic attacks by the Houthis against populated areas and hundreds of civilians were violating international humanitarian law. “Victories of the Yemeni army and tribes in Maareb against elements of the militias explain the recent escalation of terrorist acts,” he said.

The coalition forces, asserted Al-Malki, would take all possible measures to protect civilians from attacks by the Houthis. Arab League chief urges necessity of further pressure on Houthis. Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboulgheit assured the importance of putting more international pressure on the Houthi group, to persuade them into halting their military actions. This came during a meeting between Aboulgheit and Yemen’s Foreign Minister Ahmed Mubarak, an Arab League statement revealed.

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