Saudi artist pays tribute to the cultural vitality of women in the Middle East

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Saudi artist Fatimah Al Nemer

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Nov 5, (Agencies): Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue is currently hosting the “Dkhoun” exhibition at Mestaria Gallery, a remarkable showcase of the resilience and self-expression of women in the Middle East through the lens of Saudi artist Fatimah Al Nemer. This documentary project, nine years in the making, sheds light on the inspirational stories of women from the Arabian Peninsula and their profound impact on the artist’s life and homeland.

Al Nemer’s “Dkhoun” Exhibition is a testament to her extensive research and dedication. Over nearly a decade, she delved into the archives of Arabian heritage books, engaged in countless meetings with inspiring women, and embarked on a personal journey through their worlds. This exploration helped her discover herself, providing insights into the lives preserved by history and tradition. The essence of these stories found its way into her exhibition, which she has taken to various corners of the globe, including Bahrain, London, Egypt, Sweden, Riyadh, and most recently, Dubai in her 11th personal exhibition.

The title of the exhibition, “Dkhoun,” holds more than a literal translation, which means “the finest types of incense.” Beyond its original meaning, it symbolizes elevated values and emotions, such as goodness, purity, and serenity. The choice of this title encapsulates the idea that, much like the most exquisite types of incense, women embody intuition and nobility.

Al Nemer’s craft extends beyond painting as she focuses on creating unique textiles by combining various fabrics from heritage to the present. Each piece in the exhibition tells the story of an extraordinary woman, providing a window into their journeys from silence to self-discovery and inner peace. These artworks are meticulously woven using different silk materials, layered on the fabric, and adorned with acrylic colors. Symbolic elements like the pomegranate, representing a woman’s warmth and beauty, and the “Rababa,” a traditional stringed musical instrument, enrich the narrative. Each piece celebrates women as central figures, encapsulating historical stories and inspiring folklore.

Al Nemer’s personal journey from shyness and timidity as a young girl to becoming a celebrated artist is a testament to the transformative power of art. Art became her voice when facing social anxieties and empowered her to express her thoughts and personality without hesitation. It boosted her self-confidence and played a pivotal role in overcoming her fears.

Saudi Arabia has witnessed a significant transformation, with women being empowered and supported in various fields, including the arts. The country has become a hub for cultural enrichment and artistic expression, with art playing a central role in the Vision 2030 plan. Saudi women have emerged as a creative force, contributing to the country’s cultural growth.

Visitors to the “Dkhoun” exhibition are invited to explore the greatness of the Arabian Peninsula’s history and the strength of women who have contributed to the region’s culture and values. Al Nemer aims to document national history through the stories of remarkable women, emphasizing their determination and contributions. The exhibition encourages each person to consider their own story and the cultural richness it can bring to the world.

This news has been read 1122 times!

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