Saudi Arabia opens the world’s highest hanging prayer room

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Saudi Arabia opens the highest hanging prayer room at 483 meters above sea level.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Jan 20: Saudi Arabia has achieved a remarkable feat by inaugurating the world’s highest hanging prayer room, officially recognized by Guinness World Records. Positioned at an awe-inspiring 483 meters above sea level, this architectural wonder provides unparalleled vistas of the Kaaba and other significant religious landmarks in Makkah.

Located within the bridge that links the two towers of the Address Jabal Omar Makkah Hotel, the prayer room stands as a testament to both engineering excellence and architectural innovation. The 650-tonne steel bridge, assembled with cutting-edge technology and specially designed equipment, was initially constructed at 312 meters above ground. It was then elevated to its final position, seamlessly connecting the hotel’s twin towers across floors 36, 37, and 38.

More than just a structural marvel, the prayer hall can accommodate up to 520 worshippers within its expansive 550 square meter area. It harmoniously blends traditional Arabic designs with modern luxury, featuring interior adornments of Arabic calligraphy that enhance its sanctity with the names of Allah, reflecting the rich Islamic heritage.

Visitors to this elevated prayer space are treated to a spiritual experience filled with serenity and tranquility. During Fajr prayers, worshippers can witness the breathtaking sunrise over Makkah, while the chapel bathes in warm hues during the sunset, creating a sacred ambiance.

This news has been read 1906 times!

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