Saudi Arabia approves new whistleblower protection law

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Saudi government approved a new law for whistleblower rights and protection.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Feb 14: In a significant move towards enhancing justice and transparency, the Saudi government has approved a groundbreaking law aimed at providing legal protection for whistleblowers, witnesses, experts, and victims. This development marks a pivotal moment in the kingdom’s judicial landscape, heralding what officials describe as a new era in justice protection.

The decision to approve the law was announced following a Cabinet meeting chaired by Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz in Riyadh on Tuesday. Saudi Attorney General Sheikh Saud bin Abdullah Al Mojeb expressed optimism about the law’s implications, emphasizing its role in safeguarding individuals involved in judicial proceedings.

According to Al Mojeb, the newly approved law encompasses a comprehensive framework of procedures and guarantees designed to shield victims, witnesses, whistleblowers, experts, and their relatives from potential harm. He underscored the significance of this protection in ensuring a fair and secure environment for those participating in legal processes.

Anticipating a positive impact on the country’s legal landscape, Al Mojeb highlighted the law’s potential to foster a culture of whistleblowing against criminal activities while instilling a sense of national responsibility among individuals. He emphasized the importance of upholding the state’s interest in maintaining the integrity of litigation procedures and preserving confidentiality to facilitate the pursuit of truth and swift justice.

The journey towards enacting this law began in November 2018 when the Saudi advisory Shura Council endorsed a draft legislation comprising 39 articles aimed at ensuring necessary protection for whistleblowers, witnesses, experts, and victims. This latest approval reflects Saudi Arabia’s commitment to modernizing its justice system as part of broader reforms aimed at promoting transparency and accountability in the country.

As Saudi Arabia continues on its path of transformation and progress, the approval of the whistleblower protection law underscores the government’s dedication to upholding justice, protecting rights, and fostering a society built on principles of fairness and equity.

This news has been read 488 times!

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