Salary Hike and Marry Again Top the Wishlist in 2024 for Kuwaitis

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 1: The year 2023 ends in a bittersweet manner while the beginning of the year 2024 comes with hopes and aspirations at the public and private levels; as a wide segment of Kuwaiti citizens expressed various New Year wishes, but it is remarkable and funny that a large number of them wish to marry again, and others want to witness the repair of roads and streets or to buy a new car, reports Al-Qabas daily. The Happiness Survey conducted by Salah Al-Jassim Systems Program revealed that 19.6 percent of citizens wish to have more money, get salary increments, and pay debts. They stressed that they would be happier if these goals were achieved.

Around 18.8 percent of those who participated in the survey confirmed that satisfaction, health, comfort, contentment, and success are among the most important reasons for feeling happy. Stability, security, and safety constitute 13.3 percent of the wishes of those surveyed; while other wishes were distributed among personal matters, such as obtaining a leadership position and promotion, having children, combining study and work, parental satisfaction, graduation and then obtaining a suitable job. As for the wishes regarding public affairs, they centered on developing Kuwait, solving the housing problem, developing education, taking care of retirees, controlling prices, women obtaining their rights, achieving justice and equality, and accelerating transactions.

A segment of the participants also expressed hope for the provision of tourist and entertainment facilities, applying the law to everyone, solving the Bedoun problem, improving the performance of the Parliament, and liberating Palestine.

The survey revealed that 99 percent of the participants are satisfied with their lives and 98 percent consider themselves happy. General wishes:
1. Women getting their full rights,
2. Developing education and solving the housing problem,
3. Achieving justice and equality among Kuwaitis,
4. Providing tourist and entertainment facilities,
5. Applying the law to everyone.

Personal wishes:
1. Obtaining a managerial position and promotion,
2. Having children and combining study and work,
3. Parental satisfaction and graduation from school,
4. Get a good job,
5. Procreation and achieving family stability.

This news has been read 5980 times!

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