Salaries, allowances paid unjustly to some staff

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 22: The observations contained in the final report of the Kuwait Audit Bureau, for fiscal 2021/2022 of the Ministry of Electricity and Water, clearly shows financial waste, the most prominent of which is reflected in the ministry’s continued laxity in taking legal and financial measures, against employees who have been out of work for long periods but continued to take their monthly salaries unjustly as a result of which 272,000 dinars were lost, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The observations included a number of financial and administrative violations in the ministry, including the continued exemption of 243 employees from recording their fingerprint attendance and absence for long periods without proof and unjust payment of 272,000 dinars in salaries. At a time when the claims of the employees of the Ministry of Electricity and Water continue regarding approval of some allowances and incentives, the oversight reports are full of many forms of financial waste, and large sums, some of which are a result of the disbursement of allowances and incentives to those who are not eligible, which necessitates the need to reconsider the disbursement mechanism, to ensure the entitlement of those rights and to prevent the funds from going to those who are not eligible.

The report confirmed that the ministry was also lax about stopping the disbursement of the social allowance to the children of 224 employees, which resulted in them obtaining 11,000 dinars per month, in addition to disbursing 572,000 dinars to employees with legal and accounting specializations, despite their work in non-specialized departments.

The report revealed that a signed allowance was paid to 266 employees who hold supervisory positions, between a manager, an observer and a head of a department, and that was unjust, although the nature of their work and job duties necessitated their remaining at work in the ministry, and that this resulted in the disbursement of 51,000 dinars illegally, because supervisory positions are not entitled to a site allowance.

This news has been read 23127 times!

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