Sabah Al-Ahmad Center for Giftedness and Creativity, Zain and Warba Bank Hosting the mastermind behind the innovation of “Apple Vision Pro”

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Kuwait City, May 6: The Sabah Al-Ahmad Center for Giftedness and Creativity (SACGC), in cooperation with the Mobile Telecommunications Company – Zain and Warba Bank, hosts Bertrand Nepveu, the mastermind of the most prominent innovations in the modern world, including the Apple Vision Pro, for the first time in Kuwait and the Middle East region, on May 12 and 13, to talk about his rich and pioneering experience in the world of technology and creative industries.

The Head of SACGC, Neda Al-Daihani, said in a press statement today that hosting the leader of innovation Bertrand Nepveu by the Center in cooperation with “Zain” and “Warba,” constitutes an important milestone in translating the Center’s message of nurturing our talented and creative Kuwaiti children so that they can closely examine one of the successful creative experiences in the world of technologies, the virtual world, and the amazing acceleration in the world of communication media, and the future of mixed reality experiences.

Al-Daihani added that the experience of the creative Nepveu deserves to be seen by creatives and innovators in Kuwait, which he is visiting for the first time, and it is his first visit to the Middle East, in line with the mission of SACGC and its partners in nurturing and supporting innovators and talented people in Kuwait.

He highlighted the importance of this event and the great benefit of attracting and bringing international expertise to Kuwait in order to benefit from their experiences and expertise in the world of investing in technology, developing services in Kuwait, and inspiring young people through the most prominent international success stories.

For his part, the Director Marketing and Corporate Communications at Warba Bank Ayman Salem Al-Mutairi said: “We at Warba Bank are keen to support technology and keep pace with development, and we believe that future success lies in adopting modern technology, especially since our real desire is to keep pace with the accelerating trend in the banking sector. Warba Bank does not consider technology a threat to traditional banking services, but rather it is one of the ways that help provide appropriate solutions to better serve its clients. This partnership comes in response to supporting young people and creating an innovative generation that keeps pace with global development and opportunities for them to speak closely with international innovators to exchange experiences and learn about everything new in the technological and digital world.

Al-Mutairi concluded, “Warba Bank focuses its efforts on what it provides to its clients, including innovative digital banking products and services, which are designed to suit clients’ requirements and their diverse lifestyles.” He explained that Warba Bank has succeeded in making great leaps in providing distinguished banking products and services in the local market, which are considered the first of their kind in Kuwait.

Zain Kuwait’s Chief Relations and Corporate Affairs Officer, Waleed Al-Khashti, said: “We are pleased with this cooperation with our partners at the SACGC and in cooperation with Warba Bank to host Bertrand Nepveu to share his experiences with our talented Kuwaiti youth. Under the umbrella of our “Homeland of Innovation” initiative, which aims to enhance creativity in society, we are keen to attract successful names and distinguished international experiences to enhance the digital creativity environment in Kuwait, and we look forward to the enriching sessions that we will host within this cooperation and the added value it will bring to the participants.”

For his part, Mohammed Al-Ebrahim, CEO of Jazz Events, the company organizing Bertrand Nepveu’s visit, said: “We always strive to keep pace with the latest developments and bring the best experts in the world from various fields, to Kuwait and the region to transfer their experience.”

Al-Ebrahim added, “Today we are proud of our partnership with institutions that support youth and innovators and promote creative thought, such as SACGC, Zain and Warba Bank.”

It is noteworthy that Bertrand Nepveu is the leading mind behind the vision of Apple Vision Pro, and he is a prominent name in the world of innovation. He was born into a family with a rich entrepreneurial heritage and inherited the spirit of innovation from his grandfather, Ernest Ernst, the founder of the Lavo company, famous for the La Parisienne fabric bleach brand. He instilled in Bertrand a deep passion for innovation since an early age.

From gaming dreams to the triumph of virtual reality, and driven by his love for video games and advanced technology, Bertrand began his entrepreneurial journey by establishing the VRvana company in the year 2005, transferring himself to his favorite Xbox games through virtual reality experiences.

As for the partnership with Apple to raise the level of innovation, Bertrand’s journey took a turning point when he and his team collaborated with Apple in California together to push the boundaries of technology and lead to the creation of Apple Vision Pro, and the pioneering vision led him to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of mixed reality experiences.

Out of his keenness to empower the next generation of innovators in the creative industries, Bertrand participated in establishing Triptyq Capital, and he also uses his experience to support and sponsor innovative projects in a way that advances the innovative scene in the world.

This news has been read 770 times!

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