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Runaway ‘love couple’ held

KUWAIT CITY, July 2: Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have arrested a Kuwaiti and his girlfriend who had allegedly threatened to kill policemen and escaped the law.

According to security sources this happened when the suspect arrived at a checkpoint allegedly in an abnormal condition and when he was asked to show the permit for driving during the curfew period, he escaped. Police chased him until he arrived at a house, climbed out of his vehicle and entered the house of a Kuwaiti.

When the latter ordered him to leave his house, he alleged threatened to kill the man. When the police surrounded the house and ordered the man to hand himself over to the authorities, he allegedly shot over the head of the policeman and said “the next bullet will enter your body if anyone approaches me.”

He then got into his vehicle, hit a patrol car and escaped. The securitymen summoned help and finally he was trapped in Fintas, overpowered and arrested along with his girlfriend. At the time of arrest the couple was in abnormal condition. The incident happened in the suburb of Abu Hassaniya

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