Road Rage Incident Leads to Assault and Property Damage on 7th Ring Road

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KUWAIT CITY, Jun 29: The investigator at Al-Dhahr Police Station has filed a case titled “Exchange of Assault, Destruction, and Insults.” According to a security source, a Kuwaiti citizen born in 1960 reported that while driving on the crowded Seventh Ring Road, he was followed by a vehicle with two occupants. The driver of this vehicle repeatedly flashed his high beams, demanding the road be cleared. The citizen explained that due to heavy traffic, he was unable to comply.

The situation escalated when the pursuing vehicle pulled alongside the Kuwaiti citizen’s car and the driver threw a water bottle at them. The driver then cut in front of the Kuwaiti citizen’s car, abruptly braked, and forced him to stop. The aggressor proceeded to hit the Kuwaiti citizen with a metal water bottle and pushed him against the fence. Additionally, before returning to their vehicle, the assailant’s companion damaged right rear side of the citizen’s car with an axe.

This news has been read 1680 times!

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