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Sunday , December 5 2021

‘Risk of bubonic plague outbreak in Kuwait is low’

Employee of Ministry of Awqaf tests positive for coronavirus

KUWAIT CITY, July 9: According to a health official specialized in infectious diseases, the risk or threat of Kuwait encountering an outbreak of the plague that appeared in China is low, as it is difficult to transfer from one person to another, and there is a proven and effective treatment to fight this plague, reports Al-Qabas.

In a press statement, he explained that bubonic plague is not widespread, despite the seriousness of this disease, and can be treated quickly and effectively with early diagnosis. Antibiotics have proven their effectiveness in curing it in the past. It is an infection that causes severe and sudden symptoms to humans such as fever, joint pain, and inflamed lymph nodes in the body.

The cause is a bacteria called Yersinia pestis, which shows up from time to time. The infection is transmitted by some fleas carrying the disease, or some animals. It will also be transmitted via the spit of an infected human. Yersinia pestis bacteria that causes the plague can transmit to humans from infected rats via fleas.

The highly pathogenic plague remains rare in China, and is treatable. Just five people have died of this disease since 2014, according to the National Health Commission of China. Meanwhile, an employee at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs was found to be infected with coronavirus on Monday; hence, the ministry’s announcement on the closure of its main building at the Twin Towers, reports Al-Jarida daily quoting sources. Sources affirmed that after the employee’s infection was confirmed through the swab test result, the assistant undersecretaries and directors of departments in various sectors were instructed not to report for work for one day only and they resumed work on Wednesday.

Sources said the ministry announced Monday evening the closure of its main building for sterilization as per the health regulations in place in view of the exceptional health conditions brought about by the corona pandemic.

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