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‘Revenge’ of four – Finger sliced

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 26: Four young men – three Kuwaitis and a bedoun have been arrested for chopping off the finger and causing permanent disability to a young Kuwaiti, reports Al-Anba daily. The incident happened in the parking lot of a famous park after the four youths agreed among themselves to inflict permanent disability on the victim.

The case has been referred to the Public Prosecution after the investigation report concluded that all four suspects participated in committing the crime. A medical report attached to the case file states the victim was beaten and that his finger was cut off with a knife.

During interrogations the suspects admitted that they were involved in a quarrel with the victim and another person inside a park in Shaab and following the verbal altercation they started assaulting each other and ended up severing the finger of the victim.

The bedoun who allegedly attempted to escape fell on the staircase of a building and injured himself. At a time when the Ministry of Interior agencies are making great efforts to reduce quarrels and fights, whether inside the markets or complexes or at any other place, it is becoming possible for the Ministry to put a policeman behind every individual, who inevitably requires concerted efforts from various State institutions and agencies, reports Al-Anba daily.

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