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‘Return to schools’ guide released and adopted

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 14: According to informed sources from the education sector, a mechanism will be adopted on Wednesday for school administrations and next week for students, through cooperation between the Public Education Sector and Educational Research and Curricula Sector, with the release of a “return to schools” guide, reports Al-Anba daily. They explained that the curriculum will be distributed based on the shares of each subject and the number of hours assigned to it.

The double lessons and additional exercises will be deleted, and the quantitative content in explaining the concepts will be reduced without prejudice to the cumulative structural sequence “knowledge and skills” that remain interconnected from the first grade to the twelfth grade. The Ministry of Health provided the health guide, and the Ministry of Education prepared the technical guide. The two ministries have reached advanced stages of common understanding and in realizing the education mechanism and its correct path, confirming their understanding of many things that were not privy to them in the educational aspect during the beginning of the crisis, such as the exchange of tools in the classroom and the teacher’s need to correct notebooks and other necessary matters.

Representatives from the Ministry of Health discussed with the leaders of the Ministry of Education some important aspects concerning the resumption of studies, the mechanism for applying health requirements, the availability of isolation rooms in each school, and the preparation of medical clinics and provision of the necessary requirements. The sources said things are very reassuring and the rate of readiness for the school year has reached an advanced stage.

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