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Return illegally acquired cash or face law, citizens warned

KUWAIT CITY, June 23: Assistant Undersecretary for Social Development sector at the Ministry of Social Affairs Hassan Kareem said the sector will take action against all those who have benefitted illegally or acquired money illegally which has amounted to about KD 7 million, reports Al-Anba daily.

He indicated there are two options before the illegal beneficiaries – one to return the money to the State even in installments and two to face the Public Prosecution if they do not want to cooperate.

On the performance of charities during the month of Ramadan and the low level of irregularities is extremely due to the commitment to the instructions and controls concerning collecting money and transfer of funds.

He told the daily the sector has not received any notification from United States concerning the donations or charities and all transfer operations to the outside world which is made with the consent of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He also made clear that the aid sector at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor is studying all the files related to the issue of debts and is looking for people who may have unjustly benefitted or misled the ministry or have received money unintentionally or in collusion with some of the staff.

He stressed no one will go unpunished and that all measures will be taken to restore public funds and to bring to book those involved in the issue and appropriate action will be taken against them. With respect to the precautionary measures taken by the social development sector to prevent the recurrence of such things he said the sector will soon put in place a clear mechanization for the social assistance process.

He added the sector is providing KD 20 million per month for beneficiaries of several categories including physical disability or families of prisoners or divorcees, widows and mothers who are above 55 years old and others.

When asked if there were violations registered against charities during Ramadan; he mentioned there were a high level of cooperation and coordination and response to the instructions.

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