Restaurant, Tire Factory, Food Warehouse and Garages Shutdown for Violations

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 18:  In a series of coordinated regulatory actions, inspectors from the Commercial Control Sector within the Ministry of Commerce and Industry have undertaken campaigns resulting in the closure of various businesses. The crackdown included the shutdown of a tire factory, a renowned restaurant, three garages, and a food warehouse.

Inspectors from the Control Sector reportedly confiscated approximately 120 kilograms of expired meat from a well-known restaurant specializing in barbecue and shawarma. Subsequent examination revealed the use of spoiled meat that did not meet safety standards, particularly in terms of expiration dates. Consequently, the restaurant was temporarily closed, with plans to initiate legal proceedings against the license holders by referring the case to the Public Prosecution.

In a related development, commercial control inspectors shuttered a food store found to have manipulated the country of origin information on their primary products. They had misrepresented the source to align with consumers’ preferences, notably switching the origin to Italy for many seized items. Coordination is ongoing with relevant authorities to initiate legal action against the store owners.

The third targeted establishment was a tire factory engaged in fraudulent practices involving the recycling of used tires, which were subsequently sold to consumers as new. Inspectors seized around 700 tires that had been deceptively rebranded as new. The factory was closed, and legal action is pending against its owners.

Furthermore, three garages located in the Shuwaikh Industrial Area were closed down as inspectors discovered they were selling car exhausts (exhaust systems) that violated regulatory instructions by emitting excessive noise.

In conjunction with the Ministry of Interior’s General Traffic Department, commercial control inspectors conducted joint inspections of garages in the Shuwaikh Industrial Area to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. During these inspections, several violations were recorded, leading to the closure of one garage involved in manufacturing and selling car exhausts that failed to meet specifications. Legal measures are being pursued against those found in violation.

These actions were carried out in line with directives from the Minister of Trade and Industry and Minister of State for Youth Affairs, Muhammad Al-Aiban, emphasizing the importance of ongoing commercial oversight campaigns to protect consumer rights and address market violations. These efforts are further supported by Undersecretary Ziad Al-Najem.

This news has been read 6156 times!

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