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Monday , October 25 2021

Residents of Khaitan area complain about bachelors and other problems

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 27: A number of Khaitan residents expressed their dissatisfaction with what they describe as “constant neglect of their area”, highlighting one of the biggest problems that Khaitan suffers from is the presence of a large number of bachelors living among families in private housing, and that the concerned government agencies are not yet serious about solving this problem, reports Al-Anba daily.

They called for the removal of bachelors and dealing with this situation firmly, as this phenomenon has caused Khaitan to transform from the one of most beautiful areas in the 1970s to one of the worst areas in the country currently due to the deterioration of services, and the concern of citizens for themselves, their families and their children.

In special statements, the citizens residing in Khaitan talked about a number of problems that the region suffers from, such as congestion and poor road conditions.

They explained that most of the main and inner roads in Khaitan suffer from poor quality due to the presence of a large number of potholes. Also, these roads are very narrow in comparison to the density of the population. This results in continuous congestion on most of the streets, particularly at the entrances and exits of the area.

In addition, there is chaos throughout the area especially with pop-up markets selling vegetables and food products appearing near the streets randomly without any regard for the quality of the products or knowing their source.

The residents called on the concerned officials to take serious action to solve the problems of their area.

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