Rescued Puppy with Six Legs Steals Hearts and Makes Headlines

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LONDON, Oct 8, (Agencies): A heartwarming story unfolds as an animal shelter in the United Kingdom comes to the rescue of a remarkable puppy born with six legs and some other unusual features.

Greenacres Rescue, located at the Ebbs Acres Farm in Pembrokeshire, shared on their Facebook page that they received a female spaniel puppy with six legs on September 27th. This unique puppy was found abandoned in the parking lot of the Pembroke Dock branch of the B&M home improvement and garden store chain.

With a heartfelt plea for the owner or anyone with information to step forward, the shelter assured that they would commence a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan with their veterinary team. Their ultimate hope was for the puppy to lead a normal life, contingent on the results of her medical assessments.

In an encouraging update the following day, Greenacres reported that internally, the puppy appeared normal, and her organs were functioning as expected. Mikey Lawlor from Greenacres mentioned their astonishment at the puppy’s condition, stating that they had never encountered such a case before. The shelter lovingly named the puppy “Ariel” after the character from “The Little Mermaid” due to the unique appearance of her extra legs resembling a tail.

The shelter shared the veterinarians’ assessment of Ariel, which revealed that she had two additional back legs and the beginnings of an extra vulva. Her pelvis had not formed correctly due to the presence of an additional hip joint. The veterinarians planned to reevaluate Ariel in a month’s time, with the possibility of removing the extra limbs and assessing the functionality of her remaining leg.

While there was a chance that Ariel might lose one of her original legs due to the structural challenges posed by the additional limbs and pelvis, the shelter remained hopeful. They emphasized that Ariel could now enjoy her puppyhood without undue stress. The road ahead would involve surgeries and recovery, but the shelter expressed confidence in their ability to provide the care she needed.

Remarkably, Ariel’s extra appendages did not hinder her mobility significantly, though they could cause damage over time due to their location on her pelvis. The puppy had settled into her foster home with enthusiasm, and the shelter was in the process of beginning her vaccination regimen.

This heartwarming tale of Ariel’s resilience and the compassionate efforts of Greenacres Rescue serves as a reminder of the extraordinary bond between humans and animals, even in the face of unique challenges.

This news has been read 1036 times!

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