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Report on MEW violations out

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 7: The State Audit Bureau (SAB) released its latest report on the violations and shortcomings found in the technical, financial and administrative sectors in the Ministry of Electricity and Water, reports Al-Rai daily. Following are the most important points in the report of the bureau:

■ Low revenues collected in fiscal 2020/2021 – lower than the estimated revenues of KD241.8 million or 48.7 percent;

■ Uncollected payments for debts totaling KD306.5 million since 1988 till date;

■ Non-implementation of the final court ruling issued on Dec 23, 2018 obligating a bank to liquidate a guarantee amounting to KD994,000;

■ Weakness of control procedures in some customer service centers that led to illegal access to electricity and water services whose value is estimated at KD3.7 million;

■ Failure to follow up the collection of payments for services provided to Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) – a total of KD7.2 million for more than 10 years;

■ Postponement of projects aimed at covering the needs for electricity and water until 2035, so it is expected that there will be a shortage of power supply – up to 1,000 megawatts – in fiscal 2022/2023;

■ 15 power outages that negatively affected the implementation of maintenance contracts for subsidiary control centers;

■ Direct contracting for certain works estimated at KD15.6 million, instead of putting them up for bidding;

■ Recruitment of 250 employees with legal and accounting specializations in departments and sections that are not specialized in legal and accounting procedures;

■ Recruitment of 50 non-Kuwaiti employees with legal and accounting specializations even if there is no justification that the ministry needs their services;

■ Payment of excellent job performance bonus to 384 employees who did not report for work for one year;

■ Purchased materials and equipment which have been kept in the storage rooms for a long time, instead of using them.

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