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Renewal / Activation of cancelled driving licence

I took my driving licence on 7/05/2017 (1 year validity and now date expired). That time my profession mentioned was General Manager with salary KD 600. On 13/06/2017, I changed my iqama to another company with my profession mentioned as Work Supervisor with salary KD 600. After that, when I checked with MoI website, it is showing ‘no driving licence’. Maybe my driving licence got cancelled due to change in profession. On 31/05/2018, I changed my iqama again to another company, with sales executive profession (mandoop mubayyath) with salary of KD 400. I have university degree and masters. Can I get my driving licence renewed or get activated? I am not getting a clear answer from anyone, because of situational confusion. Requesting your valuable reply, please help.

Name withheld

Answer: You changed your iqama to another company exactly one month after obtaining your driving licence. After this iqama change, you checked on the Ministry of Interior (MoI) website, and it showed ‘no driving licence’. One may therefore conclude that the change in iqama and designation may be the cause of cancellation of your driving licence. With another change in iqama and a new designation, we are afraid that your effort to get your licence back might not be successful since your current salary of KD 400 per month falls short of the KD 600 monthly salary required.

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