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KUWAIT CITY, Apr 18: Director of Capital implementation department Nader Al-Zayd announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind electronic service, which is the remote implementation system on the portal of Ministry of Justice with the aim of simplifying procedures and easing the burden on the clients and stakeholders who obtained civil judgments and demanded their enforcement, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Al-Zaid explained that litigants will now be able to seize debtors’ money in banks, seize vehicles and prevent travel. These three services will be available electronically within the first phase of the project. The general department has been keen to launch them without waiting for the rest of the work to be completed within the management plan for this integrated digital project.

The launch of the service development project aims to keep pace with the development in information technology and modern digital systems. It is a project that was the product of efforts, planning and preparations for more than five years.

However, since the idea of a complete digital transformation of services and procedures was a strategic priority for the government, and due to the recent circumstances caused by the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, this procedural pattern became a strategic option. Also, the recent amendments in legislation on implementation procedures and electronic advertising entered implementation recently.

Al-Zaid said, “The former head of the implementation department, Salah Al-Jeri, had a great role in adopting the project, as we sometimes met during the curfew period to discuss this project, and the mechanisms for its design and construction. Also, I would like to highlight the large, supportive and influential role played by the Head of the implementation department Abdullah Al-Othman in the last phase. He contributed to the acceleration of the project, its completion and the speed of its launch, for the benefit of the largest segment of litigants and stakeholders. His directives, instructions, ideas and observations which stemmed from his long experience working in administrative and judicial bodies had a great impact on crystallizing and designing this system”.

He revealed that the remote implementation system will be introduced on the electronic portal of the Ministry of Justice, and in the future it could be converted into an application for smartphone devices.

Al-Zaid went on to say, “A person with an implementation file, instead of incurring the hardship of attending and visiting the departments affiliated with the general implementation department, which may result in an exacerbation of pressure at work due to crowding of clients, will be able to complete his transaction electronically by uploading the necessary documents. A username must be created on the electronic portal, with the authentication of “my identity” application, which authorizes the owner of the procedure to request executive procedures. He can also waive the procedure.

The catalyst for this project to see the light of day is the legislative amendments that have occurred, most notably the issuance of the electronic advertising law, which gave us the legislative cover to implement this system according to its digital tools and non-traditional mechanisms.

There is an operational link and overlap between this program and the systems in the Ministry of Interior, local banks and the Public Authority for Civil Information. These services will be available to all segments of society”.

Al-Zaid said he hopes that the new services would achieve the desired goals, and contribute to the upgrading and development of work methods and tools in line with the modern philosophy of providing procedures, adding that service products are subject to quality and efficiency standards in order to achieve more satisfaction and acceptance among the beneficiary segment of these services.

He stressed that the steady development that the implementation department will witness in the next phase will be in accordance with an accelerated pace to achieve the digital formula as a comprehensive and integrated framework for its services, which in the end will reflect positively on the image of the civilized state, as it is considered as one of the most important factors for pushing the wheel of development especially at the level of the government sector.

Al-Zaid affirmed that the technical project represents a qualitative leap in the level of services and procedures and their efficiency, highlighting that it is characterized by unique elements from an operational point of view, in addition to the added value of smart digital management of more than one procedural process at the same time, which makes it different from other government systems and applications that are offered online.

He said, “We have been able to overcome many obstacles and organizational and legal challenges at the level of the public administration and its organs or at the level of state departments and agencies related to the implementation procedures. We hope this system will advance the work and be in the interest of the clients by relieving them of burden and hardship, saving them time and effort, and achieving justice”.

Al-Zaid appealed to the state authorities to take the initiative to document their emails with the Public Authority for Civil Information “so that we can expand our services within the framework of the remote implementation system, and make the seizure procedures available under its control over debtors’ funds through the electronic reservation system, as a digital alternative to the traditional procedures for booking and moving along the lines of the method of practice of attachment is in the hands of the banks and the Kuwaiti clearing company”.

He revealed that, “The electronic advertising law of 2022 requires state agencies to document their emails. We have addressed 17 entities, and so far most of them have not responded to our correspondence”.

This news has been read 12243 times!

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