Reform begins with pensions, loans

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Crown Prince aspires for a comprehensive development transformation

■ Citizens do not want to be entertained by proposals that supposedly stimulate the country’s renaissance, as they rather instigate crises
■ The four laws are not that ambitious, and the Parliament and government did not address many files
■ Questions about the feasibility of an airport that can accommodate 25 million passengers while the country is closed and the conditions for visits are impossible
■ Kuwaitis are waiting for urgent solutions to problems caused by laws approved under parliamentary pressure

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 9: It is surprising that the people’s priorities were removed from the list of MPs’ priorities who are now focusing on their personal priorities as well as the disturbing files and issues which do not conform to the Kuwaiti society’s culture, nature and composition, such as banning coeducation, say reliable sources. Sources pointed out this is happening at a time the plan of His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah continues to aspire for a comprehensive developmental transformation, revitalizing the economy, diversifying sources of income to improve the citizens’ livelihood, and upgrading services through decisions that ignore parliamentary extortion or influential people. Sources confirmed that the Kuwaiti society was built on social constants, represented in customs and traditions which shaped the features of the Kuwaiti fabric committed to its morals and its Arab and Islamic identity; warning about the precursor of new social and political crises whose signs are looming on the horizon with the outdated proposals.

Sources added they are totally oblivious to prioritizing the merits of the current stage. Sources said some are trying to bring such issues back to the fore, especially banning co-education; while society is waiting for a lot from the two authorities to advance the country. Sources pointed out the leadership is fully aware of the requirements of the current stage and the demands of citizens; confirming that “Kuwaitis monitored the National Assembly’s first session in the current legislative term. They were satisfied with the outcome, although the four laws which were approved are not that ambitious. The Assembly did not consider what could relieve the burdens of citizens. It did not also take a step regarding personal loans that citizens were forced to obtain to cover needs that were beyond their reach, or due to illness or education.”

Sources hinted that the parliamentarians only cared about certain files to ensure their return to the Assembly like the amendment of the Constitutional Court Law and ratification of the Election Commission Bill, while vital and urgent bills were postponed and set aside; foremost of which are the retirees and pension increment, especially those whose pension is less than a thousand Kuwaiti Dinars, as well as the personal loans file that citizens with modest income have been waiting for. Sources added these two files might be pushed over to the next sessions despite their importance.

According to sources, “the Assembly did not consider the subsidies as well, and those with low salaries that are not consistent with the current inflation; pointing out other countries throughout the world are working to raise salaries based on inflation and decrease in the purchasing value of the currency to ease the burdens of citizens.”

They stressed that “the Assembly did not address many files and the government did not discuss them. The interference of profiteers hindered their completion, because the latter are working hard to keep decision-makers away from such vital issues. For example, subsidies that cost the State KD7 billion annually are benefiting only the wealthy and merchants who sell subsidized materials to the State, while experts confirm this does not happen in any other country. If only the government allocated KD1 billion or KD2 billion for the needy with low salaries, it would have saved a lot of public money. This would have stopped the daredevils who seek to put pressure with all force in order to maintain the suffering of the people, under the pretext of ‘social justice’; hence, they incorporate bank loans and hard debts into this file, to get what they want.” Sources reiterated the need to deal with the loans file, emphasizing it is unfair for a large group of Kuwaitis; revealing that commercial loans secured by in-kind assets are totally m different from personal loans, which do not exceed KD1.9 billion.

Sources believe that consensus between the Assembly and government has become an urgent need in light of the current circumstances to ensure a better future for the relationship of the two authorities. They asserted: “Kuwaitis do not want to entertain themselves with proposals that do not stimulate the country’s renaissance, but rather instigate crises and bickering which impede the national march towards progress.” Sources also emphasized that citizens are waiting for urgent solutions to problems caused by laws passed under parliamentary pressure in successive legislatures; including audio-visual amendments, electronic crimes and loans. Sources stated: “Many citizens are wondering about the feasibility of the new airport, which is supposed to accommodate 25 million passengers annually; while the country is closed and does not allow visitors except under difficult conditions, and perhaps even impossible conditions, up to the point of preventing companies from welcoming visitors to conclude agreements and deals.”

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, Arab Times

This news has been read 5904 times!

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