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Saturday , March 25 2023

Red-flag accounts eyed – Authorities raise scrutiny

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KUWAIT CITY, April 22: According to informed sources, the concerned authorities in the country have been monitoring and following up the bank accounts of citizens and residents that have been red flagged for violating the controls and requirements regulating the fundraising process, in order to ensure donation funds are not received, reports Aljarida daily. They explained that necessary legal measures will be taken in case it is proven that these accounts receive donation funds in violation of article 1 of law No. 59/1959, issued in connection with collection of money for public purposes.

The aim of this procedure is to protect donations from violating collection operations, and to ensure they are disbursed to those who are entitled through their legitimate banks, through Sharia methods, and the legal frameworks that regulate it. The aforementioned article stipulates that “Individuals or groups may not collect donations from the public by any means for the purpose of spending them in any aspect related to charity or public benefit or for helping the afflicted in Kuwait or in the sisterly Arab countries or any other civil works, except after obtaining a license in advance from the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs at least one month before the start of the collection process.

The duration, method and purpose of the collection must be specified”. According to the decisions and regulations governing charitable work, any expatriate involved in violating the collection process will be deported. If the offender is a citizen, he must sign a declaration and pledge not to repeat the violation.

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