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Sunday , October 20 2019

Recycled e-waste can be sold as iron, copper

Youths enthusiastic about project: Al-Baghli

Maha Al-Baghli

KUWAIT CITY, May 2: Municipal council member Maha Al-Baghli said she recently met with a group of young people who have a recycling project for electronic and electrical waste, reports Al- Rai daily. She pointed out these wastes go to the landfill and this affects the environment because this waste contains pollutioncausing materials.

The team is of the opinion that if recycled, it can be exploited and sold as iron, aluminum and copper. “This type of project is very lucrative, and the challenge is how to raise awareness among citizens and companies, especially given the amount of such waste,” Al-Baghli told Al-Rai during a second session of the Municipal Council’s conference which was held recently under the title ‘Urban Planning for Sustainable Suburbs and Cities’.

She added, a way must be found to synthesize them, which needs to raise awareness and encourage young people who have these kinds of initiatives. “Sustainability of cities,” she went on to say, “is measured by their fitness to cope with future developments and their willingness to meet the needs of the population at present and the needs of future generations.”.

“Sustainability studies for cities,” she said, “are usually based on three main dimensions (social, environmental, economic) and adaptation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) launched by the United Nations, the dimensions of which are measured by different factors.

“The sustainable city is well aware of the extent to which its urban planning and the design of its components are able to achieve the living conditions of its inhabitants and the extent to which they meet their daily needs,” she said. “The factors that increase or decrease the sustainability of the city according to the nature of its population and cultures may differ from the challenges facing the Kuwait City to sustainability and put us at a lagging position on the sustainable cities index, including housing, where the population of Kuwait faces the high cost of private housing in terms of ownership or rent and delay in the distribution of citizens’ housing,” she disclosed.

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