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Reapplying for visa

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I brought my wife on family visa (dependent visa) and she went back to India for delivering a baby on 22nd of July 2019. Due to complications, the doctor advised bed rest for her after looking at her health conditions and my daughter. Unfortunately , on the 22nd January 2020, her visa got automatically cancelled. Now, I would like to bring my wife and daughter back to Kuwait. 1. Can I bring them on new family visa or I have to go for a visit visa? 2. If I want to bring them, then shall I have to wait for six months counting after 22nd of January 2020?

Name withheld

Answer: It will be better for you to apply to bring them back on family visa instead of visit visa which will mean applying again to change the visit visa to family visa upon their arrival. The six-month rule is only applicable to those who exit Kuwait on visit and seek to re-enter. Since your wife left Kuwait on dependent visa the rule doesn’t apply to her.

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