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Race for family violence law

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MP Safa Al Hashim

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 10: Head of the family and women parliamentary committee Safaa Al-Hashim affirmed that the committee is striving to complete the study on domestic violence law before the parliament reconvenes at the end of October, reports Al-Rai daily.

In a statement, MP Al-Hashim said the committee will continue to study articles of the law, and that one of the important highlights of the law is the legislation affirming the constitutional principles mentioned in Article no. 9 of the constitution that makes family the corner-stone of the society.

She said the law preserves the integrity of the family and strengthen its ties and protection of motherhood and childhood. The protection stipulated in family law is the core issue that stands against domestic violence. “As regards its implementation, we decided the body responsible for that is the supreme council for family due to its specialization, and being the administrative pillar of the protection centers in charge of receiving, following up, listening to and sheltering victims”, she noted. Adding to that, MP Al-Hashim indicated the law includes an article to form a coordination committee comprising of relevant government bodies and civil society, and the role of the committee has already been identified and established.