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Wednesday , December 1 2021

Some quit but more come in – Market need rises

KUWAIT CITY, June 26: In the face of many expatriates leaving Kuwait for good, data and statistics still affirm that new comers exceed the number of outgoing expatriates, defeating the government plan to modify and reform the defective population composition in the country.

Figures released by the Central Administration for Statistics indicated 179,949 expatriates left the country permanently in 2015 and 220,316 newcomers have since entered the labor market. Experts and specialists attributed the situation to additional need for workers in the labor market at a time when execution of developmental projects thrives, and private sector is more proactive in the development plan.

It revealed the cancellation of residence visas of expatriates increased to 179,949 in 2015 from 174,245 in 2014 and 136,853 in 2013. It disclosed that 42.7 percent of residence visas canceled belonged to domestic workers on Article 20, and 27 percent by temporary visa holders on Article 14, while private sector workers on article 18 covered 25.4 percent to occupy the third place and the government employees on Article 17 covered only 0.8 percent of the canceled visas.

The statistics added that Asians covered 72 percent of workers whose visas were canceled in 2015, followed by their Arab counterparts with 19 percent and Africans came third with 7 percent. On the contrary, the number of new residence visas increased progressively between 2012 and 2015, such that about 2.257 million visas were issued in 2012 and rose to 2.592 million in 2015, which shows an increase of 335,000 visas.

By Najeh Bilal Al-Seyassah Staff

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